Frequently Asked Questions

For admission requests please contact us via phone on 043-3348033 or via email:

There are no set visiting times at the Home and visitors are welcome to drop in at any time throughout the day.

Clothing and footwear - Personal toiletries - Equipment or aids that you require for your daily living - Personal effects e.g. photos, small items of furniture, ornaments etc. -Please highlight any other queries or items at assessment with the Director of Nursing.

Yes, once the item fits your room and comply with our health and safety regulations, residents are encouraged to bring in personal items of furniture to personalise their surroundings making their stay more pleasurable and comfortable. We unfortunately due to Health & Safety regulations cannot allow any electrical items.

We cater for everyone and our top class catering team can provide a varied and healthy menu choice for our residents, including those on restricted or special diets. Please make us aware of your dietary needs at the pre-admission assessment.

A number of CCTV cameras have also been situated in some of the public areas inside the nursing home to ensure the safety and security of our residents.

Your family doctor may continue to care for you, visiting you in the Home as necessary. If you have moved outside your doctor’s area it may be necessary for you to register with another GP. If this is necessary, we will discuss the matter fully with you and/or your family.

All information obtained by the Home in the process of delivering a residents care is deemed strictly confidential.

At Laurel Lodge, we welcome all your family and friends, we have beautiful grounds and gardens with seating areas and indoor facilities for you to spend with your loved ones. Children are of course allowed under the supervision of an adult.